Картина маслом с изображением леса обои для гостиной под заказ любого размера

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Картина маслом с изображением леса обои для гостиной под заказ любого

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Custom Size Mural Wallpaper

Model: As the picture shown
Size: Customized size (Tell us Width & Height)
Price: $/ Square meter
Material available: Waterproof canvas
Package: The wallpaper is cut into several parts, and we will roll them together.
Usage: Living Room / Bedroom / Study Room / Kids' Room / Wedding House / Elders' Room / Hotels / Bars / Cafe / Restaurants / KTV / Cinemas / Gymnasiums / Libraries / Aquariums / Science and Technology Parks / Dance Halls / Schools / Courtyards / Gardens, etc.

Warm tips:
★ We can provide custom size service to match your wall, please measure your the width and height, if you do not know how to calculate the area of the wall, please contact with us for help.

★ The wallpaper is cut into several pieces before we send out. You need to make them up by yourself. It is also easier for you to install one by one.

How to place the order?

Step 1: Measure your wall dimension: Height * Width = Square meter

Example: You wall size : Width = 3.3 meters ; Height = 2.6 meters.
According to area size is: 3.3 M * 2.6 M = 8.58 Square meters.

Step 2: Choose the right quantity when place the order. Square Meter = Order Quantity

If you need 9 square meters, Please choose quantity 9 in the order.
If your calculated area is between 8.1-9.0, please select 9 ㎡ in the quantity when you place an order.

Step 3: Mark width and height of your wall below the order.

Example: I need size Width = 3.3 meters, Height = 2.6 meters

If you do not tell us the size you need within 24 hours, we will produce wallpaper for you according to the default size below. At that time, we will not be liable if the wallpaper you receive does not match the dimensions of your wall.

Default Size:

Quantity 1 : 1 square meter = 140cm(W) x 70cm(H) (4'7" x 2'4") ft

Quantity 2 : 2 square meter = 200cm(W) x 100cm(H) (6'7" x 3'3") ft

Quantity 3 : 3 square meter = 220cm(W) x 140cm(H) (7'3" x 4'7") ft

Quantity 4 : 4 square meter = 250cm(W) x 160cm(H) (8'2" x 5'3") ft

Quantity 5 : 5 square meter = 280cm(W) x 180cm(H) (9'2" x 5'11") ft

Quantity 6 : 6 square meter = 300cm(W) x 200cm(H) (9'10" x 6'7") ft

Quantity 7 : 7 square meter = 330cm(W) x 210cm(H) (10'10" x 6'11") ft

Quantity 8 : 8 square meter = 360cm(W) x 230cm(H) (11'10" x 7'6") ft

Quantity 9 : 9 square meter = 380cm(W) x 240cm(H) (12'5" x 7'10") ft

Quantity 10 : 10 square meter = 400cm(W) x 250cm(H) (13'1" x 8'2") ft

Quantity 11 : 11 square meter = 420cm(W) x 260cm(H) (13'9'' x 8'6'') ft

Quantity 12 : 12 square meter = 440cm(W) x 270cm(H) (14'5" x 8'10") ft

Quantity 13 : 13 square meter = 460cm(W) x 280cm(H) (15'1'' x 9'2'') ft

Quantity 14 : 14 square meter = 480cm(W) x 290cm(H) (15'9'' x 9'6'') ft

Quantity 15 : 15 square meter= 500cm(W) x 300cm(H) (16'5'' x 9'10'') ft

Quantity 16 : 16 square meter=500cm(W) x 320cm(H) (16'5" x 10'6") ft

There are some problems you may encounter:

FAQ : What is the size of wallpaper ?
Reply :This is custom wallpaper. We are sure produce according to your size. So please tell us your detail wall size (width & height).

FAQ : What is the material of the mural wallpaper ?
Reply : The material of the wallpaper is non-woven fabric(also called canvas).

FAQ : I need 1 set of mural wallpaper, the size is 3.3m width and 2.6m height. How to order it ?
Reply : Do the math. Area = 3.3m x 2.6m= 8.58 square meter, so you should order 9 square meters.

FAQ : Is the wallpaper self-adhesive ?
Reply : No, it isn't self-adhesive. There isn't any glue or paste powder on the back of it. You need to purchase the glue in your local hardware shop before pasting.

FAQ : Is it the whole mural ?
Reply : No. It will be cut into several pieces in order that it could suit for the international shipping.

FAQ : How about tax ?
Reply : Any import charges or fees are buyers' responsibilities. We are not responsible for any customs duty.

Tips : Brazilian friend, please provide us your CPF number below the order. Russian friend, please provide us your full name. Thank you !

Detailed material description:

Stitching Instructions:

Paste Steps:

1. Prepare these tools, wallpaper, bucket, glue, roller, knife, ruler, towel;
2. Lay the murals on the floor in order and arrange the order of installation. Measure the dimensions of each part of the murals;
3. Clean the wall, mark vertical lines according to the width of each part of the mural to avoid crooked sticking;
4. Apply enough glue to the back of the wallpaper and the wall;
5. Paste it on the wall;
6. When pasting the next wallpaper, pay attention to the matching of the pattern to avoid misalignment;
7. If you encounter plug switches or other obstacles, use a tool knife to cut out the corresponding position of the wallpaper. It is recommended to measure the size of the obstacle;
8. Complete the installation, take photos and give us a positive review on the order !!!
9. If you have any problems, please contact our customer service, we will solve problem for you as soon as possible online.

Application Scenarios:

About shipping:

1. For orders within normal working days, we will send them within 3 days, unless the warehouse staff asks for leave.
2. If you place an order on the weekend, we will send it within 3-5 days, unless the warehouse staff asks for leave.

About payment:

1. We support credit card, PayPal, wallet and other payment methods.
2. If you are unable to pay, please contact us in time and we will help you.
3. The order has a time limit for payment. If you do not pay the order in time after placing the order, the system will automatically close your order. It means that your order fails and you will not be able to get the item you want.

About after-sales:

1. If the package you received is damaged or has other problems, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will handle it for you.
2. If you are satisfied with our products, please remember to give us all 5-star feedback, your support is the most beautiful word in this world.

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